Miss Mystery Pants

first day of camp

The other day I picked Kaylee up from the camp bus stop. She was all clicked in the backseat and we were a few blocks from the school when she asked, in a conspiratorial whisper, “Mommy, whose underwear am I wearing right now?”

“Well,” I started, trying to figure out what the best way to handle this might be and also wondering why on earth she was so concerned about the ownership of the underwear she was sitting in, “where did you get it from?”

“My bag,” she answered.

“Then, they are yours.” I answered, relieved that they hadn’t come from a mysterious source. “What do they look like?” I added, just to be sure.

“They have Hello Kitty on them!” was the excited reply from the backseat.

Kaylee is mildly majorly Hello Kitty obsessed, so it is a good thing I had just bought her a new pack of Hello Kitty underwear, otherwise it would be completely believable that she had decided someone else’s underwear was worth borrowing.

“Right, you have a whole pack of new Hello Kitty underwear. I just bought it for you.”

“Oh,” she replied, satisfied with the explanation, but slightly disappointed that the origin of her current underwear was not more exciting. Nothing else seemed worth discussing–she rarely tells us about her day at camp–and she passed the rest of the ride home in an exhausted stupor staring out the window.


Jack’s Lexicon

Jack is talking more and more everyday. Kaylee was quite the talker, right from the start, spouting a rather advanced vocabulary. Jack, on the other hand, is much more physical–why use words to ask for something when you can move a chair, climb up and get what you want? Pshhh

His vocabulary is increasing all the time, but these are a few little words I will miss hearing:

wah: a kiss  As in, Mommy wah (I want a mommy kiss).


Kiki: Kaylee

baat: salt, sugar, ketchup, shaker cheese….any type of topping he feels his food needs


bo-bot: robot His current favorite shoes are his R2D2 sneakers. He didn’t want to wear them until we started calling them his robot shoes. SO much cooler.


nummies: food

NUMMY nummies: YUMMY food


la-la: crayon, pen, pencil–anything you use for writing or coloring

boon: balloon


oooogurt: yogurt


tuck: truck

baan: button As in, Me baan! (he wants to push the button to close the door on the van.)


vooom: car

hunny: bunny


echo: Esko Usually you hear Jack shouting ECHO! Cooookie!

boo-boo: medicine As in, Mommy, me boo-boo (I need medicine)


oi-pop: lolly pop He even sings along with The Chordettes.


He is a total little stinker and gets into so much trouble/mischief. But he’s got that little impish smile and gives great hugs (squeezes).










Shake Your Ass for Spring!

Source: Uploaded by user via glassybaby on Pinterest

I know how to do the snow dance, thanks to Mrs. McGuiness at Walden Elementary School. If you don’t know, you sing ‘ah-nah-chi-chi-nah’ while dancing about freestyle (think: elementary school dance without inhibition style). If you are really desperate for snow, you can also wear your pajamas inside out. And, if you are completely hardcore (and a bit of an exhibitionist), you can dance naked in front of the refrigerator. Now, the purpose of outlining all these various (proven) snow day creation methods is to make sure you are not intentionally, or unintentionally, doing any of them. No more silly dancing and ‘ah-nah-chi-chi-nah’-ing, fix your pajamas, and for goodness sake, close the fridge and put some clothes on!

OK? Good. Because it is time to do a spring dance. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn one of these because Spring coming is not as exciting as a snow day to an elementary school kid. But I am sure thinking about how wonderful the fresh spring air will be, the flowers, the longer days, the birds singing, and the sense of excitement about summer is enough to make you shake your ass.


And if you can’t possibly remember how wonderful the coming of Spring is because it is so dull and snowy and Easter is silly early this year, let me help refresh your memory…

Source: flickr.com via Melissa on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Morgan on Pinterest


Now get on with shaking your ass for the coming of Spring!


Skateboards vs Scooters: a 3.75 year old perspective

Yesterday we must have gotten a Toys R Us circular in the mail. I didn’t notice it, but Kaylee did. She took it upon herself to open it–it was stuck with tape really good Mommy, but don’t worry, I pulled and pulled and got it open (whew!).

She perused the toy offerings at the kitchen table while I was busy tidying up the kitchen. On turning the page she squealed, “Mommy!! I want one of these!!” and then after a pause added, “What are they?”


I quickly glanced at the page she was pointing to and informed her they were skateboards. My mommy brain immediately started to try to figure out how much padding I could realistically put her in if she wanted to skateboard. Think Michelin man plus a helmet. michelin-man


Maybe if I can incorporate pink, some glitter, and a Hello Kitty motif she will go for it….Out loud I told her they were for bigger kids. (This excuse only works for so long. Occasionally she will ask me to pinpoint an age and then she will periodically remind me that at 16 you can drive etc etc….apparently at 4 you can eat gumballs, who knew?)

This ‘you aren’t old enough yet’ ploy seemed to work for Kaylee and she continued to turn pages. When she came to the picture of the scooters she very indignantly informed me that she wanted a real skateboard, not one of those, pointing to the offending scooters.


I told her they were totally different and called scooters. But, actually, she does have a point. Scooters are like a skateboard with training wheels in a way….you get that handle and it is way easier to balance…you can’t do tricks on the half-pipe….hmm…maybe I can convince her scooters are cooler than skateboards?

I don’t know what she has done with the Toys R Us circular now. Probably ferreted it away in some secret spot so she can plot her plan to get a skateboard–a real one. And I should probably start planning that pink glittery Michelin man outfit, and one for Jack while I am at it, because he is fearless and will want to do whatever Kaylee is doing.