Spectra Summer: Day 6

I ordered a pile of Spectra film from eBay and am going to be sharing one shot a day for the month of July. I will probably mostly use my Spectra System SE camera because I know it works. I have a few other thrifted cameras and some Impossible Project film though and I may give them a go at some point too.

The problem with ordering film off of eBay? It might not work. I opened 2 out of the 3 packs and this was the result. I have one pack left to try, but I don’t feel like being frustrated about it, so I will wait until tomorrow. I realize they are expired and it is an as-is thing, but it is still disappointing. All the film I had been using so far was from the Impossible Project. And I did order more film from the Impossible Project and won another eBay auction for more Spectra film. I also have more film, from the Impossible Project, for the sx-70. So…more pictures are coming!

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