The Secret Ingredient in the CSA Box

I buy mostly organic groceries. The regular shopping trips to Wegmans involve extended perusal and purchasing in the produce department, a snappy run through the dairy and meat sections, and a glance at the canned goods. Wegmans has an excellent organic selection and carries produce from local farms. I could go on and on about ....continue reading →

Miss Mystery Pants

The other day I picked Kaylee up from the camp bus stop. She was all clicked in the backseat and we were a few blocks from the school when she asked, in a conspiratorial whisper, “Mommy, whose underwear am I wearing right now?” “Well,” I started, trying to figure out what the best way to handle this ....continue reading →

Jack’s Lexicon

Jack is talking more and more everyday. Kaylee was quite the talker, right from the start, spouting a rather advanced vocabulary. Jack, on the other hand, is much more physical–why use words to ask for something when you can move a chair, climb up and get what you want? Pshhh His vocabulary is increasing all ....continue reading →

Shake Your Ass for Spring!

Source: Uploaded by user via glassybaby on Pinterest I know how to do the snow dance, thanks to Mrs. McGuiness at Walden Elementary School. If you don’t know, you sing ‘ah-nah-chi-chi-nah’ while dancing about freestyle (think: elementary school dance without inhibition style). If you are really desperate for snow, you can also wear your pajamas ....continue reading →

Skateboards vs Scooters: a 3.75 year old perspective

Kaylee, age 3.5, has decided she wants a real skateboard, to her mother's ....continue reading →

Win a Handmade Reversible Tote from a daily obsession!

Hooray! Let’s do a giveaway! Good luck! a Rafflecopter ....continue reading →

Strega Nona’s Hamper

You know the story Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola?  The one with the magic pasta pot…she sings a little chant and the pasta pot cooks her a delicious portion of pasta. However, poor Big Anthony decides to give the pasta pot a whirl one day while Strega Nona is out. The pot is quickly out of ....continue reading →

Grocery Shopping: An Adventure

A tale about taking two little kids grocery shopping in a car ....continue reading →

Grown Up

Hi, I am Aubrey, and I am a grownup. No really–I can prove it: I am 31, I am married, have 2 kids, a house, 2 dogs, and a minivan. That has to qualify me as a grownup, right? And as a bonafide grownup, I have realized a few things about being ‘grown up.’ For ....continue reading →

Strike While the Iron is Hot!

I have spent the morning fabric-stash-busting. So, there has been a fair bit of ironing along with the snipping. Some gaps between ironing are longish and the iron shuts itself off, which is an annoyance. However, I am glad I have an automatic shutoff iron because I have been known to be a bit absent ....continue reading →